Andy Warhol x Flavor Paper

Bluebelle: on Silver Mylar

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Andy Warhol rendered his own pups, on canvas and film, and Moujik is his portrayal of Yves Saint Laurent’s French Bulldog! Warhol’s 1986 multi-color screenprint Moujik is engaging, endearing and demonstrates his signature layered off register to achieve a lively, three-dimensional look. And, of course, a fun pattern for atypical repetition to make the design best in show! 

Smooth matte metallic polyester face with a non-woven backing. Light reflective and will subtly pick up some colors from the surrounding room.

Sold by roll (68,6 cm x 457,2 cm)
Screens: 2-3
Colors achieved: 3-4
Match: straight across
Pattern repeat: 70.36 cm
Lead time: 4-5 weeks

100 in stock

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