Erwin Olaf

Erwin Olaf – Paradise Portraits, Matt (2001)


Erwin Olaf (1959) is a Dutch photographer from Hilversum, he now works and lives in Amsterdam.

The Paradise Portraits series (2001) sees Erwin Olaf experimenting with intimate parts of the human face. Beautiful woman offset humorless or grinning, freakily made-up clowns, expressions with such energy you can almost hear their cackles. Olaf manages to vividly captures the spirit of contemporary life through these works.

Erwin Olaf’s Paradise Portraits is featured along with the sister series Paradise The Club. Conceived in the wake of a large-scale performance on the theme of the circus, these tableaux vivants attack the eye and the mind, teetering between horror and decadence. This bad trip remains unresolved in the faces of the characters portrayed, remaining with them as a morning-after flashback.

Matt by Erwin Olaf in passe-partout from the ‘Paradise Portraits’ series.
Lambda print
Size photograph: 30,5 x 23,5 cm
Size passe-partout: 36 x 43 cm
Edition of 15
Made in 2001
Signed on the passe-partout and on the reverse of the photograph

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