Dadara – Greyman Coin

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Greyman is not a dream, he’s real.

Originating as a parody on starry-eyed idealists, like Batman and Superman, who fight against all evil in society, Greyman battles everything that deviates from the daily routine. The conservative German campaigns against creativity, everything which is colorful, sex, humor, fun and all other good things in life, to prevent our society degenerating into chaos. The fear of consequences of any possible disobedience leads to a boring, risk-avoiding existence in which there is no place for deviating behavior. Each attempt to undermine the authority of powers that be or movement to bring any color to our society, is therefore punished immediately by the Greyman and his thousands of grey clones. Rules are rules, and everybody has to follow them. And flexibility is definitely not his middle name. Greyman is not a dream, he is real. Don’t join the masses, beat them. Be yourselves, live your life to the full and inspire your world with creative energy, lot’s of fun, and bending the rules for positive change. Now more than ever.

Greyman Coin.
Material: Resin.
Dimensions: 23 x 8 x 8 cm.
Hand signed by artist.
Comes in the original box.

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