John Copeland

John Copeland – Life Magazine: Christ At Chartres

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John Copeland (1976) is an American painter from California, he now works and lives in New York.  Copeland’s work deals with the complexity and ambiguity of human behaviour, through uneasy scenes in which a palpable tension and hidden jokes lurk beneath the surface. This tension is also translated in Copeland’s use of thick acrylic paint, which he works onto the canvas with fluid and energetic strokes. Building layer upon layer of dripping paint, thick strokes and overlapping layers, he tends to work on multiple canvases at the same time. Copeland’s drawings also have the same dynamic quality, containing a myriad of figures and items scattered on large sheets of paper. His subjects are derived from old snapshots, photographs and magazine cut-outs.

Original painting by John Copeland on Life Magazine
32 x 25 cm
Acrylic paint
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