JR w/ The Skateroom

JR w/ The Skateroom – Migrants, Walking New York City, New York, USA, 2015 – five part of skateboard decks


JR, a French photographer and street artist whose exact identity is not confirmed, has collaborated with The Skateroom. Thanks to his photographic collage technique, he exhibits his work free of charge on the walls of the whole world – attracting the attention of those who do not usually go to museums.

Ellis Island is an installation by JR featured large archival photographs of immigrants displayed throughout the island’s abandoned hospital. For this project, JR decided to photograph recent immigrants and paste their images on the city’s streets on Flatiron plaza (the heart of Manhattan), where they and other immigrants are often invisible. JR and his team zeroed in on Elmar Aliyev, a 20-year-old waiter in Brooklyn. Elmar immigrated to the United States from Azerbaijan last August after he won the green-card lottery. JR liked the way Aliyev swung his arms when he walked.

JR w/ The Skateroom – Migrants, Walking New York City, NY, USA
Produced and numbered by The Skateroom in 2019
Studio stamped COA by the artist
Set of 5 skateboards (each 80 x 20 cm)
Edition of 250
Top-print includes printed signature of the artist
Made of 7 ply grade a Canadian maple wood
2 wall mounts included per deck
Made by The Skateroom in collaboration with the artist to benefit Skateistan.

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