Nan Goldin – Camel Light Artist’s Series

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The most influential photographer of her generation, Nan Goldin challenges the boundaries that separate art and life, transforming everyday moments into images of rare emotional honesty. These characteristics are reflected in her designed packaging for a box of Camel cigarettes as part of R.J. Reynolds’ “artists’ packs” program.

Nan Goldin (1953) is an American photographer from Washington, she now works and lives in New York and Paris. Her first photographs show New York’s gay and transsexual communities, as well as the post-punk new-wave music scene. She was especially drawn to the Bowery’s hard-drug subculture and show a subculture that has since then been ravaged by AIDS and drug overdoses. Her images are often raw and lit with the existing light of the location. Her main themes are love, domesticity, gender and sexuality as well as autobiographical imagery. Most of her work is shown in the form of a slideshow.

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Camel Light Artist’s Series edition by Nan Goldin
Pack of cigarets, still sealed in original wrapping
Gagosian Gallery