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Andy Warhol x FLAVOR PAPER - Crowd (Where's Warhol)

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This 1963 silkscreen print was based off a 1955 newswire photograph taken of St. Peter’s Square in Rome on Easter Sunday. Flavor Paper felt the ebb and flow of the crowd was similar in effect to a tree canopy, thus allowing it to create an interesting natural feel from afar, yet a personal connection from close up. Several of the people in the image reminded Flavor Paper creative director Jon Sherman of Warhol himself and, in similar style to Andy’s plays on pop culture, he decided to add an image of Andy shot on set of Chelsea Girls where he was wearing a striped shirt similar to Waldo of Where’s Waldo fame. Now you can play the new fun game Where’s Warhol? on your walls.

The price refers to 1 roll (68.6 x 450 cm) 

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* Minimum order: 3 rolls*