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Andy Warhol x FLAVOR PAPER - Marilyn Monoprint

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Andy Warhol created a series of Marilyn Monroe silkscreen paintings shortly after her suicide in August 1962. Each piece in the photo-silkscreened paintings and screen prints derive from a publicity photo of Monroe from the 1953 film Niagra, which Warhol helped make into the most widespread, recognizable image of the actress. Towards the end of his career, Warhol revisited his most popular works from the 1960s and printed them as negatives, known as the Reversal series. Flavor Paper emulates the Marilyn Monroe Reversal paintings through a unique printing technique called monoprinting in which paint is applied directly to the screen prior to printing Marilyn Reversal overtop. This monoprint technique creates one-of-a-kind print impressions; a wall composed of these large-scale prints would be extremely varied, yet consistent with a unified Marilyn foreground. Available in Black with a Technicolor blend, White with a Deep Blue and Burgundy blend, Silver Diamond Dust with a Hot Pink blend on Chrome Mylar, and Gold Diamond Dust on Bright Gold Mylar. Blends can incorporate matte, gloss, transparent, glittered and/or Day-Glo inks. Marilyn Monoprint is also customizable with two main color blends and liberally added accents.

 The price is per roll (68x457cm). 

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