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Andy Warhol x FLAVOR PAPER - Small Flowers

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Warhol’s Flowers, which was initially created in 1964, was based off a photograph of Hibiscus flowers taken by the then executive editor of Modern Photography magazine, Patricia Caulfield. The image was used in repeat in various sized canvases to cover full walls and resembled wallpaper. Ronnie Cutrone, Warhol’s main assistant, described the aesthetics of the print, “as decorative art, it’s pretty dense. There is a lot of depth in there…You have this shadowy dark grass, which is not pretty, and then you have these big, wonderful, brightly colored flowers. It was always that juxtaposition that appears in his art again and again that I particularly love.”

Often referred to as Warhol’s foray into psychedelic interiors, it's only appropriate that Flavor Paper offers the euphoria inducing kaleidoscopic side of Flowers in a fresh and tasty Rainbow ombre colorway. This digital version is a smaller scale than the handscreened pattern, and is sold on an eco-friendly, slightly textured, adhesive-backed ground that is already trimmed for ease of installation at 24” wide and 21’ long. Pour a drink. Throw on some tunes. Peel it. Stick it. Love it! Move it?  

 The price is per roll (61x314cm). 

* Delivery takes 3 to 5 weeks, since confirmation of the order *

* Minimum order: 3 rolls*