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David LaChapelle – Act of Nature

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Book Size: 14 x 10" 
120 pages
Hardcover linen with dust jacket
Edition of 1000
ISBN 978-90-71848-30-8

Published by Reflex Editions Amsterdam 2019 at the 
occasion of the exhibition Act of Nature at Reflex Amsterdam 1 June – 20 July 2019.

All artworks by David LaChapelle
Essay by Katya Tylevich
Book design and layout by Alex Daniëls
Photography by David LaChapelle Studio

Act of Nature sits at the intersection of the earthly and the transcendental, of a utopian fantasy and a dystopian reality, with humanity and nature living both in harmony and in conflict with one another. Drawing from his immediate surroundings and his previous experience as a photographer to the stars, from religion and spirituality, and from the art historical canon, LaChapelle crafts images that not only capture the visual senses, but also the mind and the heart.