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Supreme collaborates with Nobuyoshi Araki

Supreme has a history of collaborating with renowned but controversial artists, and for the Fall/Winter season of 2016 they have chosen perhaps the most legendary of them all: Famous favorite Nobuyoshi Araki. In the short clips that circulate on the web, the Japanese cult-photographer is seen shooting a model wearing a piece from the collection that will include hoodies, long sleeves, T-shirts, and a limited run magazine. The magazine features new original photography with model Kiko Mizuhara.

Bondage and flowers

Araki is infamous for his erotically-charged photography which often features bondage or kinbaku-bi, ‘the beauty of tight binding’. Recently he has had shows here in Amsterdam at Reflex Gallery and the Foam Museum and his instantly-recognizable imagery returns in the photographs he made for Supreme that are used on their new limited edition line of clothing.

It is, however, not as confronting as someone with knowledge of his oeuvre could expect. The references to bonding are more apparent in the released images of the model wearing the collection, than on the clothes themselves. There Supreme has opted for safer imagery and highlighted Araki’s continuing fascination for flowers. Of course, in his work these flowers are explicitly connected to the female anatomy so the buyers of these pieces know what they’re getting into.

Nobuyoshi Araki at Famous

Famous has a large collection of Nobuyoshi Araki books and photographs, you can view them here. Nobuyoshi Araki (1940) is a Japanese photographer from Tokyo. Araki is best known for his photographs of Japanese women that are bound in Japanese bondage, often with props like little dinosaur or cat figures. His work is highly erotic, even his Flowers series for which he photographed flowers covered with different kinds of pigments. In the past few years he has focussed on creating still-life pictures of different locations, in combination with his signature dinosaur and cat figures. Araki has published over 350 books of his work.

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